Are you into Hat’s? I am!

NEW hat…New Buy…

H&M, Straw hat £4.99 in stores now

Good morning ladies and MEN’s 🙂 The SUN is up …so as our motivation to LOOK gorgeous&sexy.

I am following many of fashion blogs and I love every single one of them so perhaps mine can be also loved? ….by YOU… or you? 

Today is my 3rd day of being a blogger….if I can called myself that.. lol

Anyway a piece of honesty.. time to time I do have a budget to BUY designers pieces… which naturally I LOVE and one day when I’ll be famous and rich and be leaving in huge Malibu villa in LA I will defo be having my closet full on BRANDS 🙂 …or on my walls… or on my feet.. and heads…

but now.. I CAN’T simply afford them..

although I am very grateful for TK MAX 🙂 on-line designer sells….friends with expensive taste and generosity and for my B-day gifts ….. rest of my FASHION gourmets are very simple down to earth ‘bargain’ clothes..

I do what I can with my budget. 

#today I am wearing

ZARA,blue scarf print palazzo trousers wide leg £9.50 on sale in store 🙂 SOLD OUT but still on ebay.
TK MAXXIndigo suede loafers, £15
Tommy Hilfiger, grey windsurf watch men, £140.00 B-day gift 🙂 but still in stock
Bracelets and the turquoise oversized ball ring all from portobello market

do you want to know more abt the above OUTFIT email or ask me a question via commentary box below.