Carla Collins one of my biggest celebrity crushes

I remember the day I met her

It was sunny Los Angeles, May 2008..I was invited for my best friend’s B-day party which was happening in Palm Springs.

We drove there by car and while all girls where having a blast with DP …singing and laughing ….I was in the back of the car…carsick… all the way instead of partying AND ACTUALLY ADMIRING the views as it was my FIRST time in US I was nearly dead and puking all the way there… 😦 

Nothing like making a FIRST good impression!

My best friend was saying to her friends: really she is not normally like that… 

….I ‘d like to think that despite that awful incidents I believe my friendship with CARLA Collins took off the minute I felt a not-moving ground under my feet..

I admire her. 

She is one of the most captivating people I have ever met.

I pee my pants every single time I am with her from laughing and a bit from being over exited.

I have read her book like 5 times.

One day I hope to be her ‘dally basis’ coffee  drinking, dancing, laughing  running, yoga, chillin’ shopping, tanning, watching movies, walking dogs, gossiping  dieting GIRLFRIEND – and for that I need to be rich & famous and most of all I need to get a US citizenship somehow.


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