Hair Discovery

Hair Discovery is a young salon of 3 years based in East Barnet, North London. We are 1 of 12 nationwide Vidal Sassoon partner salon’s, and 1 of only 4 in London.

They have an enthusiastic and vibrant team on hand who are driven by the desire for total customer satisfaction, Hair Discovery will be able to give you the experience and result which you deserve.

Angelina and her team will take your hair on a journey of discovery. Your new hair style will enhance your features and improve your look.

For our customers – Refer a friend and get 10% off your next visit to Hair Discovery!

I have had my share with bad and I mean very bad ‘VOUCHER-Grupon’ Hair Stylist /Salon experience over the years and I couldn’t be happier to have FOUND my personal HAIR whisper.

I have a complete FAITH in their work!

ANGELINAHAIR DISCOVERYOver the years I have had done almost all you can imagine…dark …light..cut..long..ombre..waves..

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STYLING & products always work …YES EVEN AT HOME 🙂 TRUST ME get your hands on ; 

  1. KERASTASE K V.I.P Volume Powder
  2. K Laque Noire by KERASTASE
  3. K L’incroyable blowdry


VIDEO showing TWO-sided colour & styling 

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How many of you out there are thinking to change your hair colour or style for the summer?

I do take risk from time to time… with HAIR DISCOVERYU TEAM 

Taking RISK is always and I mean always PAYING OFF!!!

HAIR change

before goloum aftre a princessBLEACH BLONDE and no bleach yes posibble

If you don’t take the risk, you might as well have never lived at all. Don’t waste your life, take chances and make changes. It’s what we were all made to do.

….even if they are so small as changing your hair colour.


…such a drastic HAIR change colour separated within only months a part 🙂 was only possible with a help of talented and experienced hair stylist and I am lucky to have found such artist.

Thank you #hairdiscovery

Thank you to Angelina and her team!