Rainy day in LONDON X


Wellis – Wellington boot – rain boots or as WE polish people say GUMIAKI  – GUMOWCE –  KALOSZE lol – are the most essential buy for any Londoner.

They seem to be IN Fashion all year round.

Indeed they do LOOK funky – fashionable and sooooooooooooooo cool.

I will dare to say……B U T …do they really serve the BIG purpose which is protecting your feet from getting wet…

Immediately you will agree …yes?

Well, here I come with yet another BUT ….. let’s just think about it for a mini second… the fabric they made from is a RUBBER which perfectly protects you from all sorts of wet coming from the outside but …( yes a loads of those in this post) …but few hours in those fabulous looking TRAPS and you are socking wet in the inside…

I am a PROUD owner of RALPH LAUREN and Burberry’s… both, although freakin’ gorgeous, are a nightmare after a few hours of wear… sad but TRUE!

Nevertheless…we need them for those RAINY days in London or is it only yet another FASHION OVER COMFORT example?


RALPH LAUREN, Rain boots, £119 , Westfield Shopping centre , CHOICE

Matalan, T-shirt silky dress, £18.00 , Matalan

Accessories bought in Portobello Market

Tommy Hilfiger, navy white sports leather bag, bought few yrs back in TK MAXX 

Police Navy black watch , IP 10962JSB/02M, BUY IT NOW