Office chic by UNITED NUDE


I know one thing if it’s not about the money then in must be about the shoes.

It’s ALWAYS with us women ‘about the shoes’.

I do not earn million’s …* YET ….lol – so I buy what I can afford.

I am into CRAZY – statement – shoes but I wont spent £300 or more for the shoes I will never wear or will wear once ...I did that few times and painfully learn on my mistakes. #realpeoplewearrealclothes 

For me personally the shoes must be wearable – more or less comfortable – in fashion of course for everyday use and most of all –  they must be ‘adjusted’ to London #realpeople environment which is : tube – bus – rush – stairs – walking – dancing all night – 9 to 6 JOB – requirements.

And I have found just the brand for myself.

They called UNITED NUDE.


UNITED NUDE, Eamz pump grey patent leather,

H&M grey long-line overlap belted coat

River Island grey block body con midi dress