Comfortable High-heels, do they even exist?


Comfortable High-heels, do they even exist?

I do know a few tricks that might help to make them ‘ WALK-ABLE’ and even ‘Enjoy-able’.

Let’s say that YOU are a proud owner of NEW high heels and can’t wait to wear them on Friday night…

Patience women!!! Just please FOLLOW THESE few steps – before wearing them. I promise you won’t regret it!

1.      Firstly take your shoes to the Shoe repair kiosk – ask them to shorten the heel, usual price is roughly £7.00

2.       Secondly buy yourself INSOLES either half or full depends if we talking abt sandals or boots so they won’t be so visible, usual prices is roughly £2.00

I know u dying to wear them…..almost…. almost there…

3.       Spray them everywhere with a SHOE stretcher before wearing them. Usually £4.00

I guarantee if you will follow these 3 simple rules you will not only enjoy your PAIN-free night/day in them but also be so happy that you no longer look silly and as if you would walking on stilts but also that you are actually able to wear them again…and again…without a feet transplant.


I KNOW what you want to say: ‘so many additional expenses’… ‘so much hustle’…

It’s a simple choice between wearing your high-heels for 1hr and then suffer for another 5 hrs ending up taking them off and coming back home bare-feet with no possibly to wear anything remotely similar next day and only shoes you can wear are uggs.


Enjoying yourself with a shorter heel / soft insole step / and soft edges – as the shoe spray stretcher working his magic while you dance all night.

I DARE you to do it at least with one of your heels.

and share your feedback with me.