100% Organic

I’ll be your commander to become 100% Organic

In today’s post we are going to discuss healthy food.

                           ………..NOT……only joking.

Earth colours might seem dull and not for everyone.

Especially green & KHAKI colour. Deep earth cold organic colours.

My view on this one is that you simply never try to really play with it.

GREEN & KHAKI MILITARY style is perhaps not as HOT trend as it used to be, but it is still very much in fashion.

From here on out, I’ll be your commander, No fear, No doubt – I’ll provide the answer.

Now I command you to…be Yourself. RISK. Laugh a lot. Stay healthy. Dance untill down. Love your family. Keep your friends close. Do not settle for something less. Believe and fight for your dreams. Don’t ever give up. Breathe and be happy.

I command you to TRY the COLOUR you always thought is not for you.

Maybe start with a nail polish or a lipstick …a scarf perhaps… how abt a watch… some sorts of accessories…then if you like it go bigger  🙂 GOOD LUCK.

please share your OUTFITS with me.

Please take a look on MANY variations of the same STYLE & COLOURS.

LMUW presents 100% Organic 

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