Real People

Over 3 million passenger journeys are made in the underground each day, with 600 000 people travelling between 7am and 10am Monday-Friday.

I am one of them.

Every single day for the past 7 years I have been part of this dreadful disappointing routine.

Every day leaving home and rushing out to the tube station hoping for a seat or at least for NOT being squeezed like a sardine. ………Wishful thinking.

That is what average – normal – most of us – do every single day in London.

And although I would very much like to wear louboutin’s or C. Skovgaard shoes with a white McQueen dress and Prada bag – first of all –  I would look insanely RICH and gorgeous lol – but that’s not the point and here is the reality I would look totally out of place and I bet people would stare thinking wtf is 8.00am for pit sake…* gently put it. 

Secondly: I am not a horse that can lock my knees and stand for hours. I would be extremely uncomfortable and in pain standing on my feet wearing a pair of Designer shoes which cost £600 in average.. and most likely I would lose a heel or 2 while walking or running up and down the stairs….

Ohhhhh and of course If I would be able to afford ALL these diamonds of fashion do you think I would be travelling by tube? …. Big F A T NO!

So I am one of the millionsssssss #RealPeople who travel every day to work hence my Everyday fashion needs to be adjusted to these germs- smelly- sweaty box of sardine that some people may call the TUBE.

#realpeople #reallife #realclothes #realitycheck#

RECENT pix of TUBERS, courtesy of one of my readers 🙂 THANK YOU!


….this is a TRIBUTE to all of you TUBERS *( hahahaha lol just came up with that one..) 

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