FED up.

I don’t really get this weather. I realize that we are in London and on an Island and since I was a kid Sherlock Holmes and JACK Reaper was not only painting this place very scarily but also presenting the weather in its true beauty of existence….. (How can you not love this place… )

so, why am i disappointed?

cold. warm. hot. rain. hail. sun. wind.  Changing from extreme to extreme in a matter of seconds. Even a woman in some stages in her life isn’t that dramatic.

… NO …we are NOT and don’t tell me otherwise. I know better. I am a woman.

So, it’s almost JUNE for the love of God… we (women) should be parading with shorts skirts and summary clothes, exhibiting our assets hahaha lol…

I only referred to the ‘SHORT SKIRT’s’ as this is a hot trend now and it will be something to consider for the summer especially in a WHITE colour..…I didn’t mean to ‘OBJECT us’ under any circumstances… and with regards to the ‘ASSET ‘comment we are a WOMEN we have all assets we need!!!

Officially I am FED Up already with jackets…. scarf’s….. jumpers and sweaters.. and umbrellas …rain and cold and wind… AREN’T YOUglobal warming my ass.

I am also freaking out a bit as my BLOG outfits of #todayimwearing ideas for the ‘Coldish months’ are almost over… I would have to REPEAT myself…

WHO AM I kidding I did repeat myself …. but don’t think those 3 people who visit my blog noticed. Lol

LMUW presenting (nothing to be exited abt) ..lol





Ralph Lauren, Navy Quilted Jacket, TK MAXX

Tommy Hilfiger, Navy leather bag, TK MAXX

River Island , navy bodycon pencil midi skirt, last year

H&M, Multi and black reversible Kimono Jacket, last season still on ebay

Spot, Navy suede Ankle boots , ebay

New Look , Navy Trainers, last season

Super Dry, navy white check hoodie,

Super Dry , Blue long sleeves top