‘wannabe’ Cowgirl

Street Style by LMUW

As always ‘America’ is MY direction in life and in fashion.

In my many dreams of  WHO I would be if I was born in USA – in one of the scenarios:

I am a Dallas farm daddy’s girl and have one of those cool names like Phoenix or Trinity own a big muscle TRUCK and my 3 best friends are my Don Davidoff named Elijah , Siberian husky named BUTCHER and my gun!

and a mysterious M by my side.

My two every day must have are a cowboy hat and cowboy boots.

big FAT yihaaa…

back to reality.  

LMUW present London ‘wannabe’ cowgirl 


ZARA, sequin embellished mini skirt, 2 yrs ago,

ZARA, tan basket  bag, last season

ZARA, Aztec statement necklace, last season

River Island, Cowboy Boots, Tank top , bikini top

Portobello Market, Geek glasses