Snow White

Snow White

by German Brothers Grimm is the most famous fairy tale in the world.

The fairy tale MAIN features are:

 The magic mirror checked.

The poisoned apple – I do have an apple phone still and it’s been poisoned since I got it – checked.

 The glass coffin – I could easily refer this to my OFFICE job. ( don’t get me wrong ( in case my boss will ever step upon this post) I am very grateful to have this job, it pays the bills and I think I know what am doing …but this is FAR..faraway from what I want to do in my life hence the ‘COFFIN’ reference – Checked.

The 7 dwarfs – here am a bit lost and still looking my way on how better incorporate this feature into my post and the only reasonable meaning I would say would be 7 gourmets I wear: 1. Shirt. 2. Trousers. 3. Shoes. 4. Bag. 5. Jacket. 6. Watch. 7. Earrings – overall checked.

although….. where the hell is the WHITE STUFF???…

LMUW presents

Snow White

Snow White by LMUWFeaturing:

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White see-trough shirt, Abercrombie

White feather earring, River Island ( bought in ‘not remember ago’ lost the second one but as it turns out JUST ONE is more than enough).