I believe blogging is not enough to be noticed.

Would you agree?

Especially for some like me that has JUST started and has relatively small audience of friends – although I DO hugely appreciate any support and any input and any effort that each of Y O U made in order to make my fashion blog visible.


each like. each comment . each share . each tweet. each website mentioned. – MEANS a WORLD to me.

Thank you so much for SUPPORTING me.

I will make a separate post on that subject soon and I will be calling names hahahahaha lol..

I need to use all necessary tools ie utilize all social media to their very core:-)

hence you can see my STYLE in INSTAGRAM 

LMUW in instagram.…..later I will follow with a FACEBOOK fun page, pinterest

without your help by sharing , liking , commenting , talking abt , recommending,

I WILL simply DRAWN amongst zilionsss of fashion bloggers out there…

LIKE me. Share it. Comment. Ask me a question. 

Need a style shrink 🙂 ?