Free Run

Free Run

So would you ever CONSIDER sports shoes as something fashionable and HOT and trendy and to wear it with the dress to work WITHOUT changing it just before you walk into the office.

No, well then YOU better consider.

My PERSONAL inspiration for today’s post is THE only Polish Fitness QUEEN there is!

I am talking about SPORTY FASHION cute & sexy outfits that unarguable she broth to life and make look so good and so cool that we actually want to wear OUTSIDE the gym once I even consider to NIKE-myself up for the Friday drinks ..can you imagine…hahahahaha.. lol..

But what amaze me the MOST is her work out regime that’s actually PEOPLE follow and by people I mean both species : women & man. Crazy!

I am naturally talking abt Ewa Chodakowska.

Czujecie posladki bo ja czuje barrrrrrdzo.

                                     no i wszystko okazuje sie jasne.

                                                                  Jestes jeszcze ze mna?

…dobrze…. oddychaj i pamietaj zawsze miej napiety brzuch jakbys go chciala wcisnac do srodka.

I am far far far …and many more FAR’s after – behind EWA and her astonishing LOOK of a BODY GODDESS…but I do have my little share in dedicating a bit of time and efforts to train and follow her ‘moves’ on her CD’s.

Hence the whole SPORT FASHION obsession. Especially with Nike’s shoes.

If you a runner. You better safe and indulge yourself with a juicy comfortable piece of HEAVEN for your feet!

Sweat baby Jesussssssssssss… and the colours… when I saw them I didn’t know if I shall EAT them first…or hug them or ask them to be friends on Facebook.

And then the DRAMA came to say hi :  with ancient dilemma ‘WHICH one to buy’… the coral or the mint…..coral or mint…I like coral…OMG but mint are so ‘delicious’ and ‘fresh’…I can’t afford both.. or can I can’t…or maybe…

I gave you.



Nike , Free run 5.0 run+3 in coral

Top Shop coral skirt

Holister Coral peach hoodie

Leather like white bralet by H&M