Dripping and Crying

Dripping & Crying Chanel

Lately this ‘fake’ phenomenon came to the market with designer logos in a disturbed & funny way presented on many clothes.

CC T-shirt with CHANEL logo melting and dripping.

CC wording instead of Coco Chanel to be replaced by Caviar & Cocaine or Crooks & Castles.

Same ‘copying’ happening with CELINE and it’s now seen as FELINE, meow or CELINE ME ALONE or CELINE.

And beloved and so pricey HERMES become HOMIES 🙂

Plenty of choices in affordable prices.

Naturally who doesn’t want to WEAR a REAL CHANEL or Authentic HERMES…but if the FASHION WORLD give you this option why NOT to try it…

I am very interested and still looking into on how this ‘FAKE&COPY’ fashion was born …in the meantime you are legally ( hahaha lol ) able to ENJOY disturbed designer logos on your gourmets….and for still UNKNOWN reason for me this became so fashionable and so popular!

So as a FASHION Addict I had NO other choice as to BUY them in all different kinds and styles.

I present you C&Copy


CC printed T-shirt, Ebay

Zara black CULOTTE SHORTS, £25.99, New Collection, BUY IT NOW

Zara silver Metallic Wedges, £59.99, New Collection, BUY IT NOW

H&M Silver Metallic clutch, On Sale, £3.00

Black watch by Police

Carrera Sports glasses