Denim loose blues

Morning this is your Fashion Sensei (先生)

Dungarees were featured in my blog a few times and I am sure I will figure out yet another STYLE to wear them differently.

AFTER all, my fashion blog is all about real people wearing real clothes.

Real girls make average money and are not being able to afford shopping like crazy every day for new outfits….who does that anyway….ohhh right I WOULD if the wallet capacity would allow me…yet some people would call it #shopoholic #fashionaddict and I must agree with them I am not entirely sane when it comes to shopping for clothes oh and when am at the shoe store im simply becoming brainless fashion zombie who wants more more more  and more.

So I can assure YOU some of the outfits will be featured again and again just with a tiny twist and change of style.

LMUW presents

Denim loose blues


Dungarees by ZARA, Denim Blue distressed SOLD OUT in stores you can buy this particular style on ebay. BUT IT NOW

Trainers Superdry,  BUT IT NOW

Cardigan, logline UNION JACK jumper cardigan by RELIGION

V neck T-shirt by Hollister,

Navy satchel bag, Tommy Hilfiger bought in TKMAXX