A student

A Student

If you wonder.

Yes I was one, Thank you v much.

Back in a day at some point I had  few of what in Poland was ‘Swiadectwo z czerwonym paskiem’.

But then I got distracted by other things …boys mostly and life itself and just being a ‘Class AS-y nerdy geeky’ persona was no longer ME although I was very often asked for a visit to a school principle office – the very KIND request was usually made by general microphone-system so everyone in school knew how well am doing and how often I have being asked there to get an appraisal….. ( yes appraisal…what else you have been thinking?)…..

Tough times don’t last only tough people do, so here I AM

…..and also Thank God am pretty…. lol.

LMUW present an A student * imposer 

LMUW-4-0033 LMUW-4-0034 LMUW-4-0035 LMUW-4-0037 LMUW-4-0039LMUW-4-0038LMUW-4-0040 LMUW-4-0041 LMUW-4-0042 LMUW-4-0044Featuring:

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