Coachella aka Festival Chic 

So, I believe most of us have a special relationship with the music.

‘Music’ it’s something that creates directions the way people think the way people sing the way they talk – walk and of course the way they dress.

I do not have MY OWN fashion style and to be honest I don’t think it’s something bad contrary I literary adore be ‘different’ every single day.

Same is with my music I don’t have this one artists that I listen every day over and over.. I use to listen to MADONNA and she was with me through all my wild and angry YOUTH …and she still is but not so much any-more…. I do also listen to cheesy music ….come ‘on who doesn’t have a guilty pleasure playlist on their phones?

Besides there is one more other thing I love more than playing dress-up is to D.A.N.C.E.

I also love ROCK, Chillans *hahahaha. HIP HOP. Indie rock and JAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….and many others…

The One thing am not. I am not to be categorized and put to any drawers ( ‘zaszufladkowana’ – for some reason this sounds much better in polish and I know perfectly why…) under any circumstances.

I dislike labels and judgements. I would love for adults to be sometimes more like kids without being constant prejudice.

I am an OPEN minded person and extremely VERSATILE in my fashion style.

I wish one day to be able to experience the Coachella Valley Music festival….one day when I finally be reaching my US postcode I am soooooooooooo going there. 

The fashion inspiration is mixture of boho-hippie-rock chic.


H&M – Gun’n Roses Tshirt, £7.00

River Island , lace boho layers skirt, £15.00 on sale

Truffle ivory block heel platform ankle boots, £29.99

Kimono by Alice & ME – £30.00

Primark yellow drivers gloves, £2.00

Mulberry clutch, gift 🙂