Spike me

Spike Me

Please do not mistake with ‘spike my drink’ its more than enough that always when am out this Spanish guy comes along his name is ALLENDE and he always put’s something to my drink then he takes the chairs so when am trying to seat they are not there or he moves the floor and makes me fall or he does this thing with the stairs to make them unwalk-able….what a joker… I don’t know him and I’ve never saw him so he must be pretty smart and have un-human powers or something…

Enough abt him. Let’s talk abt me.

Spike me. This is a tribute to very comfortable ( although they might not look like) spike studded boots. They, well this * particular pair is inspired by a designer jeffrey campbell and his LITA spike me boots design – and since I am BROKE but most definitely CHIC ( lol)..as you might have or not so you better read it in an interview with me by Amanda Raye – I had too although with broken heart satisfied myself with much cheaper but similar design boots by TRUFFLE. 

I give you SPIKE me boots

IMG_7913Lita spike bootsIMG_7927 Spike me spike me1Featuring:

Truffle spike black platform block heel boots, Ebay Outlet

ZARA, black hipster skinny trousers

River Island , London Fashion Geek T-shirt

Police black watch

Primark Aztec statement necklace