Varsity Chic

Varsity Chic

In polish educational system we sadly have never had a chance to get into this American collage – uni extra curriculum sphere and we didn’t have football teams or cheerleaders or any other fun activities of that matter….

Hence… I do dig that trend BIG time, especially now when you can spice it up a bit with high heels, my kind of alley.

I can see it as a REPLACEMENT of ‘classic white over-sized boyfriend shirt’ which we tend to wear when out of bed where’s here instead of zombie city suit-up boyfriend you have a big-muscle-tall-sporty machine of a man.

Me like it.. Plus it does look adorable and from far far Far away makes ME look YOUNG …( ISH) hahahaha … so, what’s NOT to like?

LMUW presents Varsity CHic


21 Forever jacket , Truffle boots, Primark Dress