The Trendiest Style

My first official fashion post was born on 21. April 2013.

During my usual FASHION blog SPY searches  🙂 I have found this website called : where you could upload your daily outfits – I highly recommend btw.

It was rather quick and easy to do  – so I singed up. As per usual routine I was uploading my daily outfits there and was REALLY HAPPY AS I WAS GETTING SOME sugar (*likes) from other girls.

They had this competition going on….which I didn’t very much know about until as it turns out 2 days before – when I saw this.


On the 25th June 2013 I have won the TRENDIEST STYLE competition supported by ASOS £500 gift voucher.

I have been lost for words and on the cloud 9 for that recognition.

I remember I was on my sofa ( i know  i know i should say something like I was running 3k for charity or buying caviar in Harrods or waxing my yacht ) but no let’s be REAL I was on my sofa with my man watching our favourite shows when I received first a twitter notification from @StylosisFashion to check their link and their Facebook page.

I click on the link… and I saw this…


I read this post like 5 times to be sure. Then I got up and start jumping & screaming ; ‘I won I won I won I can’t believe it I won something OMG first time in my life I won something’… this shock ecstasy lasted about 5 top 8 minutes…then I was out of breath and was seeing dark spots...I had to sit down… lol.

Stylosis the trendiest award_

Heavily breathing with a JOKER smile I start writing few THANKS NOTE’s to STYLOSIS on Facebook and on twitter and via email… I was also immediately on ASOS website browsing for NEW fashion pieces to buy using my wining money hahaha 🙂 – ON which I will do another separate post on how I spent my award!!!