Ice cream truck

Am not entirely sure if the title is accurate to match or partially describe what I am wearing or how do I look like. I guess it was just spare of a moment thing.

A muse struck my braincells once I looked at the bunch of this photos and I thought of this white creamy swirl ice cream that comes out from the machine….You know which one am talking about ?

I looked on this photos and I pretty much look like one big swirl ice cram truck 🙂

!!! aa ICE CREAM vintage-bride-and-groom-eat-ice-cream-in-front-of-vintage-ice-cream-truck-downtown-philly-wedding LMUW_05_07-0066 LMUW_05_07-0067 LMUW_05_07-0068 LMUW_05_07-0070 LMUW_05_07-0071 LMUW_05_07-0073 LMUW_05_07-0074 LMUW_05_07-0078 LMUW_05_07-0079 LMUW_05_07-0080 LMUW_05_07-0081

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