Fashion Sensei

For some time now I have been mesmerized by the Japanese influential on fashion. My favorite kimono’s jacket were one of such art pieces that took over the globe instantly.

Japanese street fashion is also said to influence the West Coast of the United States.High-end fashion brands like Comme des Garçons have played a big role in the global industry since the 80s, especially through frequent cross-over guest design with other brands. Rei Kawakubo recently designed for Louis Vuitton and H&M.

I always liked ZARA but recently for the past year or so ZARA got edgy and so very on the top speed with all new fashion newbies.

Since as we all already establish that am not rich ( not yet) nor my day job gives me huge income mots of the times I have to awaits for SALE’s to be able to buy something I want! Finally the sales arrived and I was able to afford this JAPANESE pijama suit…and many many other pieces…

Still at stores £17.99 both for the Jacket and for thew Trousers , the shoes are from New Collection and are £29.99.

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