Hold-on to your hats ladies if you plan to take a ride in convertible. First of all it looks cool. Second off all if you not be wearing any – hat that is – your hair will fly up to the sky and back leaving you with the most dreadful hair style ever.

21.07.13 on my way to the Tattoo Studio.

no hat in cabrio a bad idea

On that day it was hot & sunny, but very windy and I was going for my ‘usual’ Sunday tattoo session. Hahaha lol it seems like that lately… I am trying to finish up my sleeve and it takes a few sessions to do that . Still loads to do though.

On a plus side I have the BEST ‘KINK’ artists in the whole wide world 🙂 Thank you JANIS from Hammersmith Tattoo 

( 7th July) – I worn fringe suede hipster shorts something comfortable to seat in for hrs. I have also worn a kimono jacket one of my favourites garments in my wardrobe and the HAT to finish up the look.


LMUW_cabrio-0001 LMUW_cabrio-0002 LMUW_cabrio-0003 LMUW_cabrio-0004 LMUW_cabrio-0005 LMUW_cabrio-0006 LMUW_cabrio-0007 LMUW_cabrio-0008 LMUW_cabrio-0009 LMUW_cabrio-0010 LMUW_cabrio-0011 LMUW_cabrio-0012Featuring: Straw brown wide trip floppy hat by Ebay, Kimono Jacket by H&M (old), Primark fridge tassel brown hipster shorts, Leather block heel wedge sandals by New look ( old), Armani Exchange brown leather men’s watch. (old)