silver lining its a consoling aspect of a difficult situation;

“every cloud has a silver lining”

You should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days

“look on the bright side of it”

Do you get me? Do you know what am trying to say.

ladies, YOU DO HAVE SOMETHING TO WEAR is just you have no idea what to wear.

so … I have a small exercise for you.

1. check the weather for the next 3 days.

2. Choose 3 colours you really like to wear.

3. Go to your closet and having these 2 in mind ;

INVENT  – make OUTFITS for the next 3 days.

4. Bring ALL together at one hunger – * 3 hungers  – with the bag with the shoes with your watch with earrings with trousers/skirts /tops/ underwear…

5. MAKE A PICTURE of it.


IMG_8430! Silverlining


That is how most of the days I go about with my next day outfits.

In the evenings : I check the weather first I choose the colour and then I gather stuff together.

Next day in the morning I can care and stressed only abt my hair and make up.

PLEASE TRY IT yourself.

You will see how easy mornings become and how this routine can save your precious morning time. 

! Silverlining4 Collages7

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