If you one of those that who thinks hat’s are not for me, well maybe it’s time to actually try more than one to really see if you are right?

You ask, why should I bother ? – I normally do NOT strongly advise on someone else style ( yes I do hahaha) – but since you are HERE ( reading my blog, silly me I like to think some of you reads not only watch) – well since you here you must be a bit INTO fashion, right?

HAT’s re-ENTER this year fashion world with a magnum strength, especially the FEDORA hat’s. I have never been into hat’s because of my lovely (not) looong nose feature that pretty much with some hat’s looks even longer ( pinokio sister)…I do not give up so easily ( on anything) so took me a while and I did find few styles that suits me. Will you?

LMUW_july street style-0001 LMUW_july street style-0002 LMUW_july street style-0003 LMUW_july street style-0004 LMUW_july street style-0005 LMUW_july street style-0006 LMUW_july street style-0007 LMUW_july street style-0008 LMUW_july street style-0009 LMUW_july street style-0010 LMUW_july street style-0011

Featuring: Fedora hat bought in Portobello market, Monochrome Stripe Chiffon top by ZARA £12.99 on sale , White Culotte shorts cropped trousers by ZARA £17.99 on sale, ‘un-wakable’ 🙂 platforms boots on Ebay shop £10.00, White bag by boutique on north Finchley.