DJ Stripes

We have already established, that I do try to look fashionable, but I think, what I am aiming for the most is to LOOK cool. So I have ‘assembled’ some RETRO Trend with classic chic stripy pants suit and PU leather bra-let and a blue-mirrored aviators. With a top on I can easily go to work and then, take it off and put on the beats over my head, and I can go out in the evening!

LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0001 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0002 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0003 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0004 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0005 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0006 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0007 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0008 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0009 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0010 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0011 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0013 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0014

Featuring: Blue White pinstripe pants lines suit by ZARA on sale £44, H&M PU leather bralet on sale last year £7.00, White roman pointed strappy mid heel sandals, Ebay Store £32, Overhead Dr. Dre beats, Mango clutch on sale £9.99, Blue-mirrored aviators Ebay store £10.00.