This post it’s all about the Customization.

Customized T-shirt and a hat with my blog name and the website address on it.

Cheese and lame to wear your own branding I know… GUILTY!
Maybe one day ( hopeful sooner than later) I will have other people wearing it also?

LMUW Customized T-shirt £15,00  / LMUW Customized Hat £14.00 🙂 

Do you want something of your own ? – just type – ‘customised T-shirt’ or ‘customised hat’ or pillow or mug  etc – on EBAY and for as less as £9.99 you can have in 2 days a T-shirt with anything you like on it. Not bad ?

LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0015 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0016 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0017 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0018 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0019 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0020 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0021 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0022 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0023 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0024 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0025 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0026 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0027 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0028 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0029 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0030 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0031 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0032 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0033 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0034 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0035

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LMUW-0017 Featuring: LMUW customized flat peak hat £14.00 , Neon pink boyfriend blazer by Ebay store, Neon Pink clear perspex plastic clutch Ebay store.  IMG_7890 IMG_7891 Hat