If you one of these 3 people who visit my blog every day to check me out (lol) ok, checking what I am wearing – you know that this is already my 3rd post with super-duper trendy in fashion now MASTER-Traster over the head headphones. BOOM!

You need to know something about ME – if I am into something I  never go HALF way. I simply need to have it all and I need to have it NOW.

Well, these particular over-the-head’s, ladies and gentlemen, are ‘BOSE’ noise cancelling  headphones and, as I was told, these ARE on the top of the chain in the run with Sony, BOWERS & WILKINS and monster beats by Dr. Dre.

……and although I had a pleasure to wear them on my neck for 5 min I had NOT yet established if, in fact, they are worth of what they have been paid for…a little fortune must say… well maybe one day..

BOSE LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0051 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0052 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0053 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0054 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0055 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0056 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0057 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0058 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0059 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0060 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0061 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0062 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0063 Please also take a look on the amazing zipper bracelet set in white and black I am wearing as these are made by very talented girl – wk-0064LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0066

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