Goof-ling around

Part of this outfit – ‘neon shorts’ to be exact, has awaken some ‘ age appropriate’ fashion alerts when I have posted some pictures, from ZARA’s changing room same second when I was trying them on to see (first of all) if they fit me and (second of all) to see if I can come up with some sort of idea of how to wear them later on according to some fashion trends.

I would like to think I have a bit of a sense of fashion and have an understanding what to goes with what – so please have a bit of FAITH in me 🙂

Outfit’s occasion – holidays, mini golf, amusement park always with flats and oversized T-shirt by adding the baseball cap and big hoop white earrings you can make it pretty cool and funky look. * my opinion. 

….let’s goof around 🙂 with my golfing stick.

LMUW_panama_Aug11-0005 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0006 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0007 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0008 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0009 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0010 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0011

!Shopping14LMUW_panama_Aug11-0012 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0013 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0015

Hopefully this one is age appropriate 🙂 and yes you are right  – there was no ball on any of the pictures.