Blue Oyster

That same second when I have put this outfit on I had this image pop into my head from Police Academy movie when these 2 silly cops where sent to a wrong place while spying on Mahoney….any of you remember this scene and that song…?

They come to the legendary Blue Oyster Bar.

The Blue Oyster Bar is a fictional bar, and the setting of a recurring gag-scene. The bar is a stereotypical depiction of a leathermen’s/bear gay bar, featuring patrons dressed up as bikers in leather clothing, police officers, sailors, and other stereotypical masculine gay fashion archetypes.

I would FIT right in this scene! move it …move it…move it…

the blue oyster

LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0036 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0037 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0038 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0039 the blue oysterblue_oyster_bar_police_academy

Do you remember the music and dancing – there  LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0040

Do you remember my tribute to the – from last week. It was a thank you post over to this girl from Italy who makes really cool stuff.

Below are 2 zipper bracelets in white and black – I simply LOVE THEM.

You MUST have one of those!!!

LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0042 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0043 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0044 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0045 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0046 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0047 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0048 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0049 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0050


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