I am going to repeat myself with this all ZARA affection of mine.

ZARA become lately a FASHION bloggers favourite platform to buy certain pieces.

It is also affordable which for me has a huge factor.

This outfit supports my recent mania with Monochrome. Yes again black & white.

ENJOY – still at stores on SALE 🙂 and some also to buy on LINE.

Featuring: Letter Z jumper by ZARA, £17.99 SALE , Black TROUSERS WITH SHEER HEM buy now – 17.99 GBP – 29.99 GBP, POINTED COURT SHOES – WHITE , REF. 6202/201, NEW COLLECTION ZARA buy now – 29.99 GBP

ZARA 5479043800_1_1_1 6202201001_1_1_1 LMUW_zara-0028 LMUW_zara-0029 LMUW_zara-0030 LMUW_zara-0031 LMUW_zara-0032 LMUW_zara-0033 LMUW_zara-0034 LMUW_zara-0035 LMUW_zara-0036 LMUW_zara-0037 LMUW_zara-0038small tip for all the FASHION maniacs and ZARA lovers if not FOUND what you looking for – try ZARA Germany they seem to have still much more choices than ZARA UK and with a bit of a patience you can always find something on EBAY.