Slogan T-shirt

It used to was in fashion to have a designer pieces on you with a distinctive small logo to show off but not really….only * because otherwise to much and too many and you would look like a fashion disaster buffoon.

Now you can wear it ‘BIG’ & ‘BOLD’.

FAKE-LIKE designer LOGO’S are so in fashion. No I am not telling to you buy fakes NO NO NO NO I refer to the new swag-slogan-designer logo-T-shirt phenomenon trend that as I recall started from Rihanna followed by Miley Cyrus and then of course go viral with my favorited of all  – Cara Delevingne.

All of which were seen wearing ‘designer ‘ LIKE T-shirts with a funny accent or some sort of ‘Distortion’ on it.

I have done one post on that subject some time ago – care to look at it again? – there  you go : Dripping & Crying

T-shirt as a garment is most likely the MOST popular clothing item in the world all on the same level popularity as Jeans.

Today’s post it’s a tribute to a T-shirt 🙂

Slogan T-shirt

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Slogan T-shirt Slogan T-shirt_ Slogan T-shirt_1Slogan T-shirt


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