MATRIX AND THE WOMAN IN THE RED DRESS. One of the first lessons we learn about the Matrix is that anybody can be anybody. The woman in red represents more exciting life, she is a distraction. She represents everything we’ve always been told to desire and she can make us believe that having her ‘way’ or being like her will make our life better……But will it?

Most of us usually play it safe and prefer staying in the comfort zone when it comes to life however it’s quite different how people see us and how we see ourselves in the mirror.

Rememberer there is NO SPOON.

I don’t do red. It is not my colour. But I have decided to give it a go.

I must admit I did play with light-room’s updates perhaps more that I should have…


LMUW_panama_Aug11-0067 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0068 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0069 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0070 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0071 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0072 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0073 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0074 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0079 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0081 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0082 LMUW_panama_Aug11-0083Featuring: red backless cross over dress by ASOS £8.00, Black leather ankle strappy sandals by ZARA £59.99 NEW Collection, Gold bracelets cuff by ASOS, spike rings by ASOS £4.00, Necklace by Primark £5.00.