Sunny LA. Venice beach. Rollerblades neon bikini smokin’ hot girls, music, smell and breeze of the ocean, tan, tattooed and favourable people, the felling of being CONTENT and me walking along with my backpack with american flag just to show how much I love USA and my see-through jersey on the bandage black monokini swimsuit + trainers and to spicy it up the look a BLACK flower CROWN.

Can’t you see I am ready. I was born * Firstly in a wrong country ( sorry to all Poland lovers) – but also I was born READY to be American. I have done many of such posts dedicating and sharing my love to USA… get use to it many more to come, am sure.

My dream. Is to one day ( sooner than later) become a worldwide fashion SENSEI, have twins, move to LA somewhere close to the beach. Run every morning while watching the dolphins dancing. Buy a big muscle American car to make my man happy. Smile. Do Zumba with Paty and Carla. Shop. Dance. Live my life to the fullest and healthiest. ( except FRIDAYS with my girlfriends) – so if there is a genie listing to me or any other higher creature responsible for ‘dream coming TRUE’ – please make this happen :-).

upssssssssssss have a repeated myself? Not the first and not the last. I LOVE USA.

I LOVE USA LMUW_SF-0044 LMUW_SF-0045 LMUW_SF-0046 LMUW_SF-0047 LMUW_SF-0048 LMUW_SF-0049 LMUW_SF-0050 LMUW_SF-0051 LMUW_SF-0052 LMUW_SF-0053 I LOVE USA LMUW_SF-0055 I LOVE USA LMUW_SF-0057 I love usa LMUW_SF-0059 LMUW_SF-0060Featuring: Black flower Crown, Primark £2.00, See-through Jersey, Primark £10.00, Black bandage monokini ASOS, True Religion Trainers, USA flag backpack, Primark £10.00.