White is THE new black


WHITE is this summer color to wear and be seen in. White is the new black 🙂 For those ladies who are after your big W day now is your chance to wear ALL WHITE without terrifying your partner that you dying to hear those 4 magical words ‘will you ….. me’….. WEAR WHITE LADIES this summer wear all white!

LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0069 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0070 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0071 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0072 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0073 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0074 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0075 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0076 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0077 LMUW_Aug_1st wk-0078

Featuring: White studded tunic dress by Eaby Store £9.99, White patent studded ankle booties by Ebay Store, White studded clutch by MANGO on sale now £9.99, Gold harness by Topshop on sale last year £12.00