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Not always sequins must be associated with a glamour posh over the top look. Sequin retro disco shorts can be nicely style with other items falling under the same category of color and trend and by join all together you can create cool outfit for the rock night out, perhaps with a bit doze of glamour…

stripes-check-bounce-0035 stripes-check-bounce-0036 stripes-check-bounce-0037 stripes-check-bounce-0038 stripes-check-bounce-0039 stripes-check-bounce-0040 stripes-check-bounce-0041 stripes-check-bounce-0043 stripes-check-bounce-0046 stripes-check-bounce-0047 stripes-check-bounce-0048 stripes-check-bounce-0049Featuring: Rolling Stones Tshirt by New Look, Sequin Retro Disco sporty roller shorts by ZARA, Rolling Stones flat peak cap by Primark, MK white sport watch, Wesc Conga On-Ear Premium Headphones w/ Mic Black/Pale Gold, Gold spiked 3 finger rings by asos, spiked perspex transparent jelly gold flats by Ebay.