You do know what that is do you? If not then let me enlighten you…. the BIG question in all of this is are they hot-dogs or just legs ?? The point of this new crazy and I must say very silly but catchy social media trend is to-make picture of your legs in that particular way that would resemble a hot dog sausage. ( just Google the word HotDogLegs and go to images you see million pix like this).

Either way we had #SUCHFUN while doing this pictures…so I guess I decide they worth making a post abt them 🙂 aren’t they?

IMG_8452IMG_8455 IMG_8460

Hot dog legs on Granm Canaria 1 Hot dog legs on Granm Canaria 2 IMG_8447IMG_8459 IMG_8460 IMG_8461 IMG_8462 IMG_8484

After making just LEGS photos WE GOT BOARD AND decide to invent something new ; Patti Palafox and I Introducing the upgrade version to the hot-dog legs trend!

we call it as #cherrytoplegs
#hotdoglegs #cherrytop #fabulous #lovinit #fries #shoots #vodka #aquarobic #grancanaria #chinawhite #pacha #aqua

Hot dog legs on Granm Canaria 3 Hot dog legs on Granm Canaria 4

!!! Cran Ganaria-005