One day

Welcome to “one day” from my holidays.

As you may already know I was recently in Gran Canaria in Playa del Igles and stayed at ifa buenaventura hotel.

This year it was only 6 of us 😦 we’ve missed my cousins who could not join us this year…

You have seen the street style of Gran Canaria and the resort photoshoot in Part I and II . Today I have decided to do something not entirely fashion related, just to give you an idea of what I was up to in ONE DAY 🙂

!!! Cran Ganaria-006

  • Every day in our room we were woken up by chill out music which would start playing at 10.00am sharp. On this particular day I have had  my coffee in bed  already( LUCKY me) and was preparing my usual daily POST 🙂 hoping that you were checking my blog while I was awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… were you ???… anyway, I always aim to publish each day at 10.01 am.

…while getting ready…. for breakfast and swimming pool ,naturally, almost every day I was doing #selfies of #ootd #outfitoftheday #swimsuitoftheday #bikini !!! Cran Ganaria-007

  • Almost every night has finished in the early morning hrs hence next day’s breakfast for champions was desperately needed.

!!! Cran Ganaria-008

  • Swimming pool time ( naturally as we were first to be UP ). We were the ones trying to reserve as many sunbeds as we could… for the sleepyheads that will show up few hrs later….NOT the easiest task I must say…

………….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. SUN time! !!! Cran Ganaria-009

  • BEACH TIME. This day we have decided to do a bit of walking & sightseeing and also visit the beach.

one day of hols by LMUW-0001_ one day of hols by LMUW-0001__

  • Always on holidays try to TREAT yourself either with a massage or mani and pedi.. and let me tell you this was one of the best I had … swear to GOD! Almost 2 hrs in!…. really really GOOD JOB!!

!!! Cran Ganaria-010 !!! Cran Ganaria-011 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  SUN & Pool time again… tough life!

……………..naturally let’s not forget abt SHAG o’clock 🙂 xxx lucky me …again

  • Dinner time –  every day food options were fantastic. Let’s be honest, the standard of the hotel was not ‘RIU’ like, but for what we have paid for I am far far from complaining about anything…. it was a budget holidays package for sure… There were 6 of us and we all think that the entire deal was amazing!!!! #wonderful
  • DRINKING & SHOW time – in our hotel every night was a show which we have enjoyed very much. Mama Mia ….NOT ….but MICHAEL JACKSON show was smashing!

…………..and then naturally we were going out to #chinawhite #pacha #aqua

!!! Cran Ganaria1-001




As we all are in our late *tenties …ok very late *tenties ( * Miranda Hart show).  We were only able to party untill 3am…maybe 4am…. then moving and looking like zombies we were all deadly hungry and going for, am sure, the most healthiness food option available there #kebab