¥$£ or YSL ?

A bit of a PUNK style today. Was I born a Rock-STAR or what!!! hahahaha

In this post I would like to point your attention to 4 things:


2. My slogan hipster T-shirt – with ¥$£ 🙂

3. ROCKER leather studs biker BOOTS by River Island…my recent BUY YAYYYYYYYYYYY so happy to have them!!!

4. Is it a Vine is it a bottle or is it an UMBRELLA?

!!!!!! LIFT

This amazing PRETZEL shape necklace by ONCHMOVEMENT I received as a unexpected GIT from CARLA COLLINS my friend my idol my helpfully soon ‘neighbour’ a ‘zumba partner’ a ‘dancing partner’ a ‘drinking partner’ a ‘kissing parther ‘ hahaha….lol… and I could go on and on.. and on… THANK YOU sexy lady for the amazing and so sweet card also… YOU MAKE me cry Bitch!!! XXXXXXX!  A !  A1 !  A2 !  A3 !  A4 !  A5 YslFeaturing: Ochmovement necklace, BUY IT NOW , ¥$£ / YSL hipster swag slogan T-shirt , BUY IT NOW, Black leather like shorts by H&M ( last year on sale), Leather biker studded boots by River Island on sale £34.00. VINE bottle umbrella – BUT IT HERE.