50 shades of fashion

Today is 21.October 2013 and also today is exactly 6 months when I start bloggin.

My LIFT me up & mirror outfit ‘selfies’ journey become public on 21.April 2013. 

I do feel very strongly that fashion & Style is my way trough life. I do sincerely hope that one day my ‘fashion eye’ will be noticed. I do love every minute and every hr and almost every evening and every single weekend spend to do this. I work hard trying to chase the fashion tail as much as I can having a day job and not that great pay $$$ to buy all those fashion diamonds out there and TRY TO BE in a constant update with what’s new IN-stores and on the-catwalk.

Trough that 6 months I’ve had 2 interviews By Broke&Chic  and By So-Stylish and won a stylist price and £500 from Asos by Stylosis and was listed in few fashion pages as a pick outfit of the day.

….It is NOT much I know and nothing major happened so far to be bragging about…I know there is still loads of work and commitment ahead of me before achieving something Great.

My 6 months blog statistics:

  • the biggest – On Wednesday, October 16, 2013 i had 2,058 viewers on my blog 🙂 yayyyyy yayyyyy 

  • 178 comments 🙂 thanks guys!
  • 147 posts
  • I have usually 20 – 80 people visiting my blog per day
  • PICKS of viewers:
  • For the past 6 months I had 19,830 people visiting me on my blog so far
  • Twitter: @liftmeupblog
  • Instagram: @Agidonna
  • Youtube: Street Style Fashion in 30 sec

I wanted to make this date memorable and perhaps reach out for some more audience and I thought to myself why not to TAKE OFF my clothes for a change?

…..with a bit of a blush on my chicks and uncertainty in my heart as I don’t know how people will react on this kind of fashion presentation …You know i am already women of age and for some ( many ) people this might be soooooo inappropriate.

I did say A and now it is time to say B and Be brave and shake & spice things up a bit…this either help me or it wont.. time will show.

THANK YOU for your support.

Thank you for your comments.

Thank YOU for your likes.

Thank you for your shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Thank you to my personal & talented Photographer. 

Thank you to all MY FRIENDS and my Family xxxx

50 Shades of fashion by lmuw & A V S

Photographer: Mariusz Sznerch, www.sznerchu.com 

Makeup and hair stylist: Piotr Petrus at PIOTR PETRUS – PermVISAGE, wizaż, stylizacja . http://piotrpetrus.pl/

Featuring: Ann Summers agent provocateur  ‪#‎agentprovocateur‬ panel dress & Timeless Nile Over Knee Boot, White gloss original Hunter.

50 shades of fashion by LMUW 50 shades of fashion by LMUW 50 shades of fashion by LMUW 50 shades of fashion by LMUW 50 shades of fashion by LMUW 50 shades of fashion by LMUW 50 shades of fashion by LMUW 50 shades of fashion by LMUW 50 shades of fashion by LMUW

50 shades of fashion LMUW and AVS-0007 50 shades of fashion LMUW and AVS-0025 50 shades of fashion LMUW and AVS-0043

 50 shades of fashion LMUW and AVS-001121.April 2013 – 21. October 20 13

6 months of FASHION Blogging

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