PINK Coat drama


I’ve had my eyes on this gorgeous ASOS Vintage Style Cocoon Coat at £110 since I saw it one day and the next day in the morning I’ve decided, oh what the hell, I AM SOOOO buying it! With this lovely coat I’ve also ordered additional associated pink accessories to match with it. PAID ….and… The NEXT day, oblivious to what’s comin’, I was waiting so excited to get my new coat, S A D L Y  I was notified that this particular coat was already SOLD OUT when I was buying it * system glitch –  my ass!!!

Well done to those who actually have managed to buy it!

ASOS Vintage Style Cocoon Coat – the PASTEL beauty!

!   AA PINK LADY-001

My order from ASOS 😦 ASOS order

……………………………..however..….I have not gave up and was still very much on a HUNT for such ( similar) PINK COAT. I have literally bought all fashion magazines I could find to efficiently look for it.

I like to think of myself as a QUITE good WEB RESEARCHER and I have spend hrs on-LINE and was not able to find exactly what I am looking for or what I can actually afford.

In my despair of looking and searching – I was able to buy this amazing Jigsaw coat ..DON’T ask how much I’ve paid… I WANTED IT. I had to have it. Period.

mine….mine…mine….mine…. mine………….You would think..?

Well then THINK again….the size 10 was the only size available and was TO BIG for me…aaaaaaaaaaaa…. literally drama and shouting and swearing in many many languages… WHY ????….I haven’t read terms and conditions – it was a display coat so no RETURNS..


!   AA PINK LADY-002

HAVE I ever mentioned my TWIN sister MARIJA ? Besides being my besty and my TWIN  ( same huge nose features ) my proofing editor for LMUW (let’s be honest my English sucks) she is also my committed FASHION No.1 FAN 🙂

THANK YOU Miss Lithuania xxx !

She loved the COAT the same minute she saw it without even trying and then she loved it even more when she actually tried it on. The coat is hers now!

……is it over, the drama ? Ohhhh no??? far from it… The money for the coat have covered my overdraft so no HOPE for me of buying a new one any time soon…


Who doesn’t love Burberry. Have you seen new collection of metallics trench-coats £1.800 per piece (on sale) ? Haba Haba Haba…

In my searches I found slightly similar 

!   AA PINK LADY-004

Thank GOD I still have some shreds of brain left & mortgage to pay that STOPS me from buying that…..ohhh but how much I wanted it…( almost in the same capacity as Anastasia Steell wanted Mr.Grey …haba haba haba – that badly…..) of these shopping diamonds i have to pass on for now till am rich & famous…

BUT it did not stop my BESTY Marija…. who : when saw tyhe coat on line  : first screamed ‘whooooooooooooooooooo’ in a high level tone of voice , then she make this hiliarious sound like ‘ la la la la’ ( NOTE : whoever knows Marijka knows exactly what am talking about) — then she galloped to her room and in 5 mins time the coat was hers…. 🙂 hahahahaha BUY IT NOW

But she was generous enough to borrow me this metallic beauty for 10 min.

* just fyi the metallic pink coat is not a copy or a fake no no no no it is just inspired by Burberry but it is not a COPY or replica !!! 

Pink Coat trends LMUWFeaturing: Pink metallic coat from CHOIES, Black strappy lingerie dress by ZARA here , and high heel pointed ankle patent Chelsea booties by ZARA. here 
pink coat LMUW Pink coat

So happy for her… My gosh, she is now the owner of TWO the most amazing coats I have EVER WANTED…….so happy for her….so happy for her... ( I need to keep telling that to myself) ….so happy for her…………………………………….NOT!

If you’re still here …are you ?? Reading this COAT DRAMA story….. and YOU think: ‘well am sure this is it’……Then let me quote RIP Amy Winehouse when she sang ‘ I say No No No’ ...still more DRAMATIC experience happened to me on ( 17.10.2013).

I saw the light in the tunnel…H&M made a PINK coat, really cute one.. and I said I am going to get it ( SOLD OUT ON LINE OF COURSE) …but i knew if i look for it in-stores i might still find it..

I went HUNTING for this beauty 🙂

!   AA PINK LADY-005 Oct,Thursday busy night at oxford str. Brainless women everywhere. Headache. Noise. Bad day at work. Visit 3 H&M’s  ( Last one was at Bonds str).. I didn’t find the coat….so I decide to go to ZARA to FIX my mood – as a proper SHOPAHOLIC I need it to buy something quickly….!

….and here it is…the FINAL END….

still the same day the same evening – am at ZARA. My phone rings. It is my cousin. She says. Hey am at H&M at Bond str –  You know those  pale PINK coats you are talking abt all the time …..did you know that H&M does one also…I find one here!!!!!! ……..My GOD you were right – the coast is soooooooooooooooo pretty am going to buy it !!!!!!!!!

Can you F….. believe it??? I just came back from that store?????????? hahahahahaha

Anyway another generous soul * GOD BLESS THEM ALL – she borrowed me the coat for my blog purposes – THANK YOU DASIU!!!!  xxxx

H&M PINK pastel cocoon coat H&M PINK pastel cocoon coat H&M PINK pastel cocoon coat Featuring: Asos cat-eye sunglasses, Panel PVC bodycon dress by ebay store, Over the knee  by timeless suede boots, Hold all weekend bag by warehouse, elbow patent gloves by River Island.  H&M PINK pastel cocoon coat

I AM done with Y O U – PINK coat – YOU don’t want me and I don’t want you.

                                            ………………….who am I kidding…. 😦