Sex and the city


We all love that show. Women and men ( yes men too). I know by memory almost all episodes just like I know #FRIENDS.

I adore and wanted to be Carrie, I’ve dreamed of being with Mr. BiG, wear designer shoes and have Samantha’s sexuality, Charlotte’s sweetness & innocent and well I guess be as smart as Miranda 🙂 lol.

And naturally the OUTFITS they wore. Pure heaven of fashion in amazing TV ‘I LOVE being a women’ pill  🙂

You know what I am going to talk about? Do you remember the INTRO with very memorable music starting the show ? – when Carrie walks trough streets of NY and get splashed by the passing taxi?

let me re-fresh your memory : Sex and the City Intro 


Image1 Sex and the city

FYI – I make this outfit arrangement specially for London RAINY AND COLD weather that we have now…

You know what my man said when he saw me in this : ohhh is that your Halloween costume? Nice ha?

so, then let’s be it my HALLOWEEN costume I present you


CARRIE Bradshaw COSTUME in London version

Fashion blogger ZOMBIE 

gimmmie the shoes …gimmie the bag …gimmie the money…

Pink Tulle tutu skirt Pink Tulle tutu skirt Pink Tulle tutu skirt LMUW Pink Tulle tutu skirt LMUW !    A5-003 Pink Tulle tutu skirt

Featuring: Tulle pink TUTU skirt by ebay store, Petticoat by ebay store, Hunter gloss original by Hunter, Gola sports bag, LMUW custom made T-shirt, ZARA necklace, NEW look grey biker jacket, ZARA NEW COLLECTION grey ankle platform boots.Sex and the city-001

ZARA GREY PINK Coat lmuw-0073ZARA GREY PINK Coat lmuw-0076Sex and the city-002 sex-and-the-city-new-logo

ZARA GREY PINK Coat lmuw-0080 ZARA GREY PINK Coat lmuw-0082 ZARA GREY PINK Coat lmuw-0083 ZARA GREY PINK Coat lmuw-0084 ZARA GREY PINK Coat lmuw-0085 sex-and-the-city-old-logo Sex-City-green-dress_271 tutu-collage