A BIG Heloooooo to all girls who like dark shades and rock style outfits.

I am back with some cool ideas…although I am afraid PINK will be back now and then.

Mini skirts are now in fashion – actually any length for that matter

( just sayin’ ) – skirts RULES this winter.

I decide to take a mini red tartan skirt and join it with this TRADEmark that came to fashion and got sucked in by all of bloggers : the RED check-shirt tied up on your hips. 

Just quickly to show you what am talking abt… 

IMG_8987 IMG_8988 IMG_8995

I give you something-more from my alley 🙂

Featuring: Mini tartan check skirt  , SLOGAN t-shirt ebay store,  River Island leather ankle studded biker boots, River Island fingerless leather gloves, customised for LMUW dogtags.


‘I have an attitude and I know how to use it’

ZARA GREY PINK Coat lmuw-0110

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