My week Oct’13

Winter is slow. Cold. Miserable. ( especially in London) .

Winter clothes are heavy, bulky and most of all quite expensive – especially for someone like me who shops even during a sleep and is on a constant budget hence I don’t blog everyday as I can’t afford to buy winter garments so often as I do with the summer ones.

…one of my devoted ‘lifters’ ask me were are the LIFT-mirror ‘selfies’ that you do every day when going to work? Do you still do therm. Yes I still do them but the outfits repeat themselves and quite-frankly are not always worth ‘blogging’ about.

But I’ve decided that once a month I will do a post called ‘MY WEEK’ in which I will choose best of the best  from that month.

My week –  October 2013


H&M beanie, Marshall soft pink hoodie, camshire scarf, ZARA grey jeans, George wedge trainers, gola sports bag.


RUNDMC slogan T-shirt, Primark necklace, red check shirt, leather look pants, wedge black trainers, police watch.Tuesday LMUW AVS


Primark ka-boom comic slogan Tshirt, Primark necklace, H&M leather look trousers, 21 Forever waterfall jacket, Christian Laboutin grey boots 🙂 , Tommy Hilfiger sports men watch. wednesday LMUW AVS


Grey hoodie by ebay store, ZARA denim overall dungarees, Tan basket shopper bag by ebay store, wedge trainers by ebay store.thursday LMUW AVS


Beanie by Ebay sgtore,  snood by primark, Comicon slogan T-shit by Ebay store, H&M Jacket, H&M Leather look pants, wedge trainers by ebay.Friday LMUW AVSHAVE A GREAT HALLOWEEN weekend xxxxxxx