Beetle Juice

Sometimes I do struggle with the ‘STORY’ and I often wonder should I even bother as most of the fashion bloogers do only photos and tags. I was never a writer nor good with words ( not that i am now) is just it’s hard for me to create a good readable and interesting post… you know… i struggle even now blogging only 3 days a week….this beg a question so ‘WHY I AM still DOING THAT’ ? … hahahaha I should just focus on the pix and fashion and leave the writing the hell-alone…

Anyway. I saw myself with this dress and immediately thought of ‘Beetlejuice’. Have you watched it? If not I highly recommend to do so. ‘Beetlejuice, 1988 American comedy horror fantasy film directed by Tim Burton, produced by The Geffen Film Company and distributed by Warner Bros.

This was inspired by incredibly appealing, sexy and well dressed “bio-exorcist” played by Michael Keaton. Yumieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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