My Week Sept’13

As promised and being women of honour and my word being sacred ( hahahahah) here is yet another 2nd edition the best weekly /daily outfits that I called it ‘MY WEEK’  – if you missed the first edition which was blog last wk click on the date to see it :1st Nov 2013.

I’ve decided I will PICK the best of the best OUTFITS trough the whole month gather them together in one post  – hoping they are worth ‘bloging’ about.

I hope you feel the same?

My week 2nd edition

I dig up some oldies hahaha ‘oldies’  ie: ( OLD + selfie)

 …it sounds almost like an old granny underwear… hahaha

Sept’ 2013


Monday LMUW AVS sept Monday LMUW AVS september


Tuesday LMUW AVS sept


wednesday lmuw avs sept'13


thursday lmuw avs sept'13


Friday lmuw avs sept'13