Biker Boots

Let’s be honest how much love we have for amazing – expensive – designer – killing HIGH heels shoes type …much…….a lot… ok let’s be real I LOOSE part of my brain when in shoe store…few minutes and my CC is on fire and then am ‘HIPER-loaded’ with endorphins ‘WHO NEEDS running’… yes but is it really a TRUE love or is more something of an impulse affection basic women instinct I would call it a ‘minute lasting desire & lust’ that closes rational thinking part of our brain’…but deep deep down we can’t wait to take them off and change for something comfy….how many pairs gave you a headache…. swollen fit…. blisters many make you limp….how many you kept but never worn again…. shall I  go on??? 

BIKER boots is their name. They come in different colours and shapes but mostly they are black or grey – around ankle area – kinda heavy boots .They are FLAT. They are comfortable. They are not expensive and most of all they are in FASHION.

Featuring: Light grey T-Shirt with ‘HOMIES’ slogan, Silver necklace by H&M, Silver corset by ASOS, Silver sequin mini A line skirt by Mango, BIKER BOOTS by ebay store, Tommy Hilfiger men’s sport watch, H&M Men’s hat, half gloves by Ebay store. Silver Mirror Sunnies by rayban, SNOOD’s by Primark and VOILE!

COMFY and cool… at least I think

Grey ankle biker boots

Asos corset size M/L , 12 uk - £ 5.00

biker boots


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