Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant is a French house of fashion founded 1994 by Isabel Marant.[1] The company has 10 shops worldwide: Paris, New York,[2]Tokyo,[3] Hong Kong, Seoul, Los Angeles, Beijing, Madrid, Beirut and has retailer in more than 35 countries. Isabel Marant has recently agreed to design collections for high street giant H&M.[4]


I have insides to this and any other designer campaign for H&M from the best source there is. My cousin works for H&M and her shop was one of the first who managed to sold out the entire range of Isabel Marant in only 4hrs!!!!!

‘SKINNY’ ladies were even buying from KIDS department.. and when confronted by my cousin with the sentence like:  ‘ aaahhhh I see your kids will get spoiled today’ they answer was: no …no…this is all for me!

The highest bill they had was £4.700 as one go! 

My cousin was able to grab only 1 piece for herself…. and lucky me I end up with 2 GREAT Canvas Tie Dye shopper bags as a GIFT’s…. Thank you DASIU xxxx

Also let’s not forget abt one of my favourites actress endorsement for that  particular campaign – milla jovovich.

Isabel marant hm milla jovovich

and here is me.

Featuring: Isabel Marant For H&M Tie Dye Tote Shoper Canvas Bag, UNION JACK T-shirt by Primark men’s department CUSTOMISED with LMUW patch, ZARA grey pinstripe skort culotte shorts , Over the knee grey socks by Primark, ZARA ankle black chunky heel boots.

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Isabel Marant Isabel Marant For H&M Large Tie Dye Tote Shoper Canvas Bag

ISABEL MARANT LMUWMovember stradivarius zara badges LMUW-0019 Movember stradivarius zara badges LMUW-0028 Movember stradivarius zara badges LMUW-0034 Movember stradivarius zara badges LMUW-0035 Movember stradivarius zara badges LMUW-0037LIFT ME UP WARDROBE – L M U W

Isabel Marant H&M Movember stradivarius zara badges LMUW

Isabel Marant H&M Movember stradivarius zara badges LMUW !    A25 !    A26