Lounge me up

This is yet another post for those who loves sweats and lounge-y – comfortable – homie wear. My first post on that subject was called ; VELOUR JOGGERS  when I have presented a sweat PJ-s lounge-y 2 piece suit by Forever21.

This time I combine 2 different stores with 2 different (relatively) pieces. We all know that fashion is a luxury and not always comes with a ‘chill-ax’ design that you can ENJOY and fell comfortable in it.

What is that say… ummm ‘FASHION OVER COMFORT’ – well this time COMFORT wins 🙂 …but… i had to make it a bit ‘spicy’ and a bit more interesting and most of all I wanted for this outfit idea to be more than – *** TV watching while popcorn eating home wear***

I hope you like it 🙂 ENJOY.

Featuring: H&M Sweat pants , at stores now £14.99, Primark lace panel jumper £6.00 at stores now, ZARA Ankle boots at stores now £49.99 , Black gillet body warmer , Primark kids department 10 – 12 yrs. * upssss £5.00, jewelled stone black headband by Primark at £4.00 in stores now, Personalised for LMUW dog tags at £10.00, buy it here : Merchandise 

7120201040_1_1_1 ZARA ankle boots AVS LMUW lounge me up H&M sweat pants LMUW AVS lounge me up

Fusia VELCRO dresXMAS Joggers LMUW AVS-0058 Fusia VELCRO dresXMAS Joggers LMUW AVS-0059

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Fusia VELCRO dresXMAS Joggers LMUW AVS-0042 Fusia VELCRO dresXMAS Joggers LMUW AVS-0058