Inspiration taken form Dolce&Gabbana and their latest Royal – Medieval – Prince of Wales & Royal Highness vintage figure inspired collection.

Take a look here :

  • Deep-hued, richly coloured fabrics
  • Embroidery
  • Fur
  • Ornate costume jewellery
  • The Medieval period in England is classified as the time between the fall of the Roman Empire to the beginning of the Renaissance, ranging from the years AD 449–1500. That time more-than ever the CLOTHES were showong your social hierarchy. During this period men’s clothing changed much more rapidly than women’s styles; and both the men and women of lower social classes continued to wear styles from previous centuries until their garments were in such disrepair that they needed to be replaced entirely. In addition to this division, sumptuary laws also divided social classes by regulating the colours and styles these various ranks were permitted to wear.

My version of their vision is much simpler and much cheaper and well adjusted to LONDON environment.

Featuring: Sleeves Metallic Dot Dress with Bead Peterpan Collar, buy IT HERE ( at AVS wardrobe sell –  I have size L which-is size 12 uk ) if you want a different size that would be 2 of us * I bought a wrong size 😦 – then click here, Mark & Spencer copper gold biker jacket, White tall glossy original hunter wellies, Statement royal necklace via Ebay store.

LMUW AVS statment necklace

PeterPan collar dress size 12, £15 NEW
PeterPan collar dress size 12, £15 NEW

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